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You throw your bag to some random place in your messy room. "God I hate gym." You say to yourself. Your sister, (random name), is at her play rehearsal and your mom won't be home until late tonight. When you look around the room something catches your eye. The picture with it's (f/c) frame. The picture of your forth grade class. You sigh remembering that year


"Bye mom!" you close the car door behind you. You were late on your very first day! Well at least you can blame it on your mom living in (town) and you going to school two towns away. You quickly walk into the brick building that is school, round the corner, and  walk into the forth grade classroom, late. "(y/n), nice of you to join us" your teacher said. "Sorry I'm late" you quickly sat down at your seat. When you got yourself settled you began looking at your classmates. Francis was flirting with Arthur,  Antonio was talking to Livino, probably about tomatoes. Then you saw Alfred staring at you with his big blue eyes and that adorable cow lick. He smiled at you and you smiled back. Ever since kindergarden you and Alfred had a special connection, he was just the first one to realize. Which was in 1st grade when he gave a peck on the cheek after school for about a month. You hadn't really had an interest in him until this year. You use to like Gilbert but he was to interested in Elizaveta that he didn't even see you anymore.


You sigh and look at Alfred in the picture some more. You missed him terribly. You hadn't seen him in 3 years.


You knew it was your last year at (random school name). Your parents had told you in 3rd grade that they were getting a divorce. You had a choice between staying at (random school name) for forth grade or going straight to (town name) and living with your mom. Of coarse you decided to be with your friends for another year. On the last day day you had said to yourself "(y/n), you will confess your love." But you didn't and on the bus ride home, you cried. Realizing that you would probably never see Alfred again.


You closed your eyes and laid down on your bed, letting a tear escape your (e/c) eyes. You never saw Alfred again.....
I already posted this in my journal but I wanted to turn it into deviation.

Journal: [link]
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December 8, 2012
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